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Eight hours of Spiritual Activities

Development Circle Sun. 5 pm EST (10 PM UK)

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 Development Circle Sun. Noon EST (5 pm UK)

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Spiritual Development Circles


Wednesday 10.30 pm UK Time (5.30 pm EST) (2.30 pm WST)

Saterday 8.30 pm UK Time (3.30 pm EST) (12.00 noon WST)

Sunday 9.30 pm UK Time (4.30 pm EST) (1.30 pm WST)


Marc Stuart Medium


Marc is a Scottish Spiritual Medium, trained in

Churches.  He is one of the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church Mediums.


You can see Marc work every Sunday at 3 pm Eastern or Thursday 6 pm working online Gallery style.


Marc also works internationally. This year he

worked in Xi'an China in January, and New York

State in March.  This is Marc doing an address at a service in Lily Dale in June 2019.

Marc's style is direct as he puts it is direct.  


Private Spiritual Development Circle

Development Circles are designed to “develop” a student's mediumship talents in a safe group environment. Marc uses the Scottish methods known for centuries to build a student's solid foundation for spiritual connection.  Through his teachings each week Marc trains participants in the proper basics of opening and closing by using guided meditations that the student can easily use for daily practice along with other lessons that are vital to a Medium’s toolbox.  Students from all over the world participate in each circle, giving and receiving readings through Marc’s guidance. As part of this offer you get to attend two each lasting for an hour and a half.

Marc currently runs four circles.



This is the longest established circle.

UK time 10.30 pm Eastern 5.30.



This is a new circle.

UK time 8.30 pm  Eastern 4.30

Wednesday - Hard of Hearing 

This is a very small circle and is very unusual.  No verbal communication typing only.  It could almost be descried as semi experimental. It started with some training and is starting to grow with others showing an interest in joining.

Sunday Open Circle

This group is open to all members of the Private groups and to new people wishing to try out a group before joining one.  For he first time visitor it is free and gives the opportunity to experience before signing up. However the emphasise of Marc is towards any new people at this circle thus Private Circle members should only regard this as a practice circle.  

Facebook Group

Marc Stuart Medium - Spiritual Development Groups

This is a Facebook group open only to people who are members of the Spiritual Groups being run by Marc.  It is a place for feedback after circles if people wish to communicate with anyone that gave them a reading.  Or just simple communication between members.

We also record each meeting as long as no one in the meeting objects and post the videos for review in the groups.

Platform / Gateway Experience

Marc makes a weekly Sunday broadcast under Church Service style of readings.  People in the circles are able when they feel ready to take part in these broadcasts and get real experience of giving readings.  This takes place before the Sunday open Circle at 8pm UK time or 3 pm EST.  They can be watched on Facebook or  You Tube.


Administration and Subscription Costs

The circles are held using Zoom and the link =for

that week's meeting is sent by email with the invoice

for that week.

Payment is by weekly subscription which gets paid

even if you do not attend he circle. This enables

Marc to keep the cost as low as possible. 

There are three levels of subscription,  weekday,  weekend and week. 

Weekday - $5 / £4 - attendance to a weekday circle (plus access to the Sunday open).

Weekend - $7.50 / £6.25 - attendance to the Saturday circle (plus access to the Sunday open).

Week - $10 / £8.24 - attendance to every circle being run during the week.

You do have to have a device with both a camera and microphone, either phone or computer / tablet.

To Register

To register fill out the form below and subject to numbers you will receive communication about joining the circle.  There is also the possibility of a reading and traiing which you can get more info about with the form.

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