Reading with Marc Stuart

Spiritual Medium based in Scotland and works internationally.

Reading with Patty Valentine

Spiritual Medium based in Fredonia just outside of Lily Dale, USA.

Online Video Course

A short introductory series of video talks filmed in Fredonia about  Scottish Spiritualism.

 Development Circles

Online circles each lasting 1.5 hours teaching practical aspects of Mediumship 

Special Offer:

Eight Hours of Activities

*Two Spiritual Readings

*Three Hours of Video In Scottish Spiritualism

*Two Online Circle Workshops 


Marc and Patty are two spiritual Mediums who often work together at Fairs and to run training courses in Traditional Scottish Spiritualism.  This is a special offer to get a reading from both Marc and Patty.  Plus some introduction to the training they they do,  a three hour series of videos and two circle work shops which also last for three hours.

If bought separately these would cost $225,  but

as a special offer Marc and Patty and doing this all for $135


Marc Stuart Medium

Marc is a Scottish Spiritual Medium, trained in

Churches.  He is one of the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church Mediums.

You can see Marc work every Sunday at 3 pm Eastern or Thursday 6 pm working online Gallery style.


Marc also works internationally. This year he

worked in Xi'an China in January, and New York

State in March.  This is Marc doing an address at a service in Lily Dale in June 2019.

Marc's style is direct as he puts it is direct.  


Patty Valentine

The Lady of the Lake


Patty is an international Medium having worked in both the USA and Scotland.

Patty live five minutes from Lily Dale and travels to Psychic Fayres across America and internationally.

Patty's style is more emotionally sympathetic than Marc.  


Online Introductory Video Course in Traditional Scottish Spiritualism

This is basically over three hours of video's

explaining the basics of the Scottish methods

towards Spiritualism.  You will experience two

readings from Scottish trained mediums as part

of this offer,  this course essentially explains what

is very different abut the methods used in these

two readings. 


It is a combination of  history, the way the

movement is set up in Scotland and the actual

training itself. 


If you have only ever experienced USA based Spiritualism and Mediumship you are in for a big surprise. The Scottish "Spiritual Industry" is huge and is Church based.  Training is done through circles and give almost immediate hands on experiences for people. This is a short ten minute introduction.


Development Circle Workshops                          


Development Circles are designed to “develop” a student's mediumship talents in a safe group environment. Marc uses the Scottish methods known for centuries to build a student's solid foundation for spiritual connection.  Through his teachings each week Marc trains participants in the proper basics of opening and closing by using guided meditations that the student can easily use for daily practice along with other lessons that are vital to a Medium’s toolbox.  Students from all over the world participate in each circle, giving and receiving readings through Marc’s guidance.



The readings are done using Zoom and the circles are also using a Zoom room.  This can be installed free of charge or you can access it from the Zoom website.

Click here and pay using Pay-Pal and you will be contacted about times for the readings and given the link and password to the video course and your dates and log on details for the circles.


The Traditional Scottish Spiritual Training Program

This is an introductory offer so you can experience

Scottish Spiritual Program.  This aims to take people

through a methodology of training and support to achieve

the following - by helping them to serve spirit, we will

help Spirit to work through and for them.

The aim is do do the following:

* Full Training in Spiritual Mediumship over one year

* Full Training and support to get you working as a

    Professional Medium and earning a living

* Full support through the methodology of starting and

    running a Scottish Styled Spiritual Church or Centre

This is done through a six month program. Initial Video

Course, Online workshops with small numbers,

Weekly circles and service platforms to practice and work

from.  At the start of the program you have a planing 

session with Marc himself.  Where together you draw up

a program with clear objectives short and long term. 

Aiming to achieve your personal Spiritual Development 

through serving Spirit and setting clear road-marks for

developing a Spiritual Centre/Church and professional 

status for yourself.

Notice there is no link to buy the program here as we want you to experience the readings and circles first - experience this for real first. But if you do not want to try the introductory offer and would like more information about the full program please use the contact form here.

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