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Introductory Program

Video and other Materials

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aboutthe program

This is a very short program to show all the elements that Marc uses in training.  One private reading,  two circle attendances,  a video workshop and a closing one to one training session.

These are sumarised outlines of the Training and support programs offered by Marc Stuart Medium based around Traditional Scottish Spiritualism.  The Support materials are on this site,  the detailed desvriptions and ability to order are on the Marc Stuart Medium Site.


Weekly online circles using Zoom.  With  video's recording into a Facebook group (Private) and opportunities to practice in online services.


Advanced Training Program

The major Video Library and other materials

About the Program

This is an ongoing monthly advanced training program.  You must be sitting in a weekly circle and this gives you access to the Video Library and weekly workshops with Marc.

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A series of customized services for Spirituial Businesses looking to work professionally.  However this program is conditional on you also doing the Church Program.


This is a program that is free.  We are looking for people in the USA and other English speaking parts of the world to set up Spiritual groups / centers or churches using the Traditional Scottish Spiritual methods.